Attuning To The Heart by Jaspen Amodeo

Posted by Insight Directory on 18 September 2008 in Meditation/Yoga

Meditation. What is “Meditation”?In all my years as a Spiritual seeker, I’ve heard many answers to this question. From, “Focus on your breath, remain equanimous” to “Steadfastly and with devotion repeat Ram, Ram, Hari Ram as your heart sings to Krishna”, to “See from your Third Eye, open to the Sacred Presence that lies within”, and even to “Sit in undisturbed silence and contemplate the universal vastness of your belly-button lint”! Though some radical and all different, I must admit that there are many ways to the peace and centering that we all hope to find.

I remember my first class on sitting. It was very simple. Very pure. Five of us sat in a circle and were asked to consider the most basic possibility of their being the idea of Spirit in our lives. It didn’t matter what religion we might have come from. It didn’t matter our experience of things supernatural or divine. What mattered most was the degree of our willingness to open to the possibility of a benevolent presence that was continuously awaiting our invitation to help bring about our creativity and joy. It was from that point, that first lesson, where I began to form a solid and working foundation towards my own Spiritual unfolding.

Now, years later, I have realized a way to share what has worked for me, in hopes of guiding others to finding a way of their own. In taking ideas from those first lessons, to exercises from Barry and Joyce Vissell’s “Living From The Heart” work, and from several traditions in between, I have come to a practice that I call “Attuning To The Heart”. It is a personal sitting that draws Spirit closer within, as well as drawing ones Self closer to the divine.

“Attuning To The Heart” is the process of coming to one’s own path of Spiritual connection. In a sense, it can be thought of as a “Best Of” spiritual path ensemble, coming together in the most personal ways. Often I’ve heard lamentations that one’s relationship to the divine isn’t as close or alive on a personal level as many would like it to be. Indeed, sometimes blindly following a particular discipline might even become a distraction. By “Attuning To The Heart”, we are asked to stop, slow down, and take reflection on what we are doing in our lives, on our paths, and what we desire. Though the goal is to become grounded in a unique and thriving practice of self growth, this approach is geared towards affecting each of us immediately and on a daily basis. The time we set aside is practical and intentional, and opens a space in our lives for a certain sweetness, comfort, and receptivity to take place. It is a time we give to ourselves for nurturing, reflection and expression which brings us to awareness of our deepest needs. It opens us to receiving the comfort, healing, and inspirations that might otherwise get lost among the often hectic routine of our days.

So, now after coming to this place on my path, is my life perfect? No. The dishes pile up, bills cry my name, people call for all sorts of attention. But am I grounded? Yes. For the most part. Even in times of conflict or adversity, I have come to be able to ride life’s waves with a certain degree of grace. I am still growing, still learning, and eager to share with a circle of friends who I joyfully welcome along the way.

Jaspen Amodeohas a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and will be hosting a six week “Attuning To The Heart” meditation series this fall. You may reach her at 530-274-7629.

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