The Heart's Signature by Loren Swift

Posted by Insight Directory on 15 November 2012 in Divine Connection

Conscious evolution is the process of awakening the Heart as our primary organ of perception. This is where our greatest intelligence lies in potential, because the Heart participates in Life through Oneness. Through Love, the Heart's signature, we awaken to our present evolutionary quest, to know Love as the medium of Life and the expression of the recognition of Oneness.

Our evolutionary focus, then, is to live into Love, opening and activating the Heart as our primary orientation and mode of engagement with Life. A very practical method for doing just this is to embody the essential quality of life 'alive' and mattering to us in a given situation. Doing so connects us directly to the 'Field,' the universal ground in which everything exists. Choosing to live into the Field, (see Lynn McTaggert, The Field), activated via a specific, essential quality of life, is a simple, direct and practical method of connecting with our true nature, the expansiveness of the Heart. As a practice, embodying a particular quality of life effectively evolves human consciousness from the "local" or "small" self, to the Universal, or globally connected self. This practice can create peace in our hearts, and thereby, in the world.

I often ask groups, "If everything in your life were exactly as you would most love it to be, what are the words that would describe that state to you?" No matter what the orientation of the group, a very similar list arises each time. Words like respect, play, creativity, meaning, contribution, fun, abundance, security, joy, choice, integrity, autonomy, interdependence, authenticity, truth, honesty, wisdom, beauty, and so on. Because the list is common to us all, I call it the Universal Qualities of Life. I invite you to take a moment to make your own list of 10 - 25 words that describe your life of fullness and expansion. Keep the list with you and use it to determine what is motivating you to feel wonderful in one situation, and upset in another. (If you'd like to receive an extensive list, send an email to address below with, UQoL request, in the subject line). When we are living and experiencing the quality of life mattering to us, we are filled with expansiveness, presence, contentment. When we experience that quality as lacking, we experience contraction, discomfort, angst, upset.

Universal Qualities of Life are merely words used to name aspects of being that are invisibly and mostly unconsciously motivating our every action, thought, belief and communication. Although the nearest common term for them is 'values,' in actuality they are more than that. The pervasive, underlying character of the Field is Love, and in embodying any one of the Universal Qualities of Life, we are living into the territory of Love, thus activating our Heart.

Now is the time to live into the essential qualities of life that matter to each of us. I am convinced that consciously embodying Universal Qualities of Life and communicating from our hearts is one way to achieve peace within, in our families and relationships, and on earth. It is also a springboard for humanity's conscious evolution into the coming paradigm.

Loren Swift, MS, HeartFrame Communication Coaching, offers communication coaching and facilitates groups, classes and workshops in Grass Valley, Nevada City and N. Cal.

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