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Life has purpose and meaning beyond our conscious 2% level. Our outer level or physical dimension offers only a small glimpse of who we are. We are made up of 4 energy systems (maybe even more). We are body, mind, soul and spirit.

An ancient message tells us..."Man know thy self"...That means our whole or real Self.

When any of our systems are out of balance, we can expect problems. If we choose to remain ignorant of the greater aspects of Self ...expect problems or dis-ease within our systems.

Holistic Healing

What is holistic healing? Simply to become whole. How would our automobile run if many of its parts were out of balance or not working? What if we didn't know about or use many of the bells, whistles, switches etc.? Things wouldn't work so well would they? Life is the same way; we must learn who we are, what we are, how we got here and what our purpose is.

Most of what causes our problems, dis-eases, addictions, phobias, aberrant behaviors, lack of abundance, difficult relationships, etc. is coming from within. If we do not "Know thy self"" then how will we ever understand or fix what is making us unhappy and miserable. When we go within we will find answers and the Truth of our situation.

This is why Spiritual/ Esoteric hypnotherapy is so important...It provides entry and access to the inner dimensions of who we are. The real purpose of hypnotism, prayer and meditation is to go within. In other words hypnosis or trance is really "going into Spirit".

Spiritual/Esoteric Hypnosis: Going into spirit

Spiritual/Esoteric hypnotherapy is a state and process of spiritual re-awakening, re-learning and re-structuring that takes place entirely during profound levels of hypnosis. Many people and therapists have used hypnosis over the years, putting people into a trance state and giving suggestions. True spiritual or esoteric hypnosis is putting people into Spirit, doing deep profound work such as past life regression, inner child work, and entity- releasement, even exorcism. All of these healing modalities are tools and have one thing in common... the eradication of fear.

There is one big mistake we as physical humans make, at this 2% outer level, that mistake, is to believe in a lie or fear. There are so many ways this happens. We believe lies, such as "I am unworthy" or "I am bad" or "I can't" and that puts us in bondage...Bondage to negative forces.

We must ...Go within...Find the truth...Eradicate fear (Exorcism)...Forgive ourselves and others and most importantly replace FEAR with LOVE. This will bring one to the positive state.... and to one's Creator, the Most High, and to the spiritual world from which one originated in the first place,

"The Sickness and malaise of man cannot be healed until at last he attains A pure consciousness which contains no contamination of the negative forces within itself"

"Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad" an ancient scripture

Do we need to suffer any longer?

“The Sickness and malaise of man cannot be healed until at last he attains A pure consciousness which contains no contamination of the negative forces within itself”

Fred C. Leidecker CHT.  Spiritual/esoteric hypnotherapist… Teacher of healing
Fred’s experience in this field goes back more than 35 years.  He is nationally recognized as an expert in spiritual hypnotherapy. His profound classes and amazing therapy sessions change lives


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