Healing Destinations By Suzie Daggett

Posted by Insight Directory on 20 January 2010 in Divine Connection

Does the start of a fresh new year invite you to reflect on the mysteries of life? Do you want to focusing on your own source of spirit?  You may want to explore the work of a Spiritual Director - someone who is trained in asking appropriate questions, listening without judgment, hearing your story and bringing you in closer connection to your sense of or belief in God. The work is very deep and can be life changing.  Some of our local SD’s answered this question: How do you assist someone to find deeper meaning in their life?

Spiritual direction is all about discovering and uncovering the meaning that one makes of one's life experiences. We are always making meaning. We either judge something to be meaningful or meaningless for our souls. As we go through life we sift through these two categories, discarding the latter and attempt to replicate the former. I ask: What gives your life meaning? What is God for you?  How to relate to the God of your understanding? What is your essential nature? What can you do to live consciously in the present moment?

Rev. Jerry Farrell, Unity In The Gold Country

Spiritual Direction is about finding the Divine in everyday life, doing everyday activities.  When one contemplates the existence of God/Spirit/Creator, many questions arise. These questions are answered over time through study and personal, life experiences.  Since everyone’s experiences are unique, each person has a choice in how they relate to their God. Spiritual Direction opens dialogue around the questions, the experiences and the choices.  And, when ready, one can break open the mind, heart and soul to new possibilities of seeing, hearing, relating to and finding God in their life.

Debra Satterwhite, Christianity

As a facilitator, I show up without agenda, nor expectation of outcome, I listen without judgment, nor formulating response. I clearly repeat what has been heard, with affirmation so the speaker feels heard. Questions include: What "meaning" calls you deeper? Who are you as you become this seeker? What is your sense/experience of "deeper" into that which holds meaning for you? What ways of "mindful focusing" work for you - meditation, prayer, reading, walking, yoga, qi gong, breathe work, writing? Who are mentors of that deeper meaning you can explore with, living/dead?

Patricia Rusert Gillette, Trinity Church

I encounter persons who have lived into their mid-life and senior years before finding a safe and sacred place to tell their story.  Finding the deeper meaning in one's life is always about the inner healing of our human dilemmas and humiliations.  Spiritual direction provides the safe and sacred space to "get caught" by the Spirit where we are and --- to a lesser or greater degree of pain - to die to unrealistic expectations:  what could have been, should have been, who/what God is, who/what God is not.  Spiritual direction invites a person to live deeply and whole-ly the fullness of our divine humanity --- in all of our fragmentation and limitation.

Collen Gregg, Catholic


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