Getting to the Heart of True Freedom by Carolyn Gervais

Posted by Insight Directory on 15 May 2014 in Self-growth & Inspiration

What does true freedom look and feel like? Would you be free if you had every worldly thing you desire? The relationship you long for, the free rein to go where you want when you want, fame, money, power, that big-shot job.....would having any or all of these make you free?

True freedom isn't something that can be bought, borrowed, or stolen. True freedom lies in understanding that the material world we have become addicted to is nothing but a construct of the illusion of separation we have bought into and manifested here on Earth- a false truth. So there is no fear in losing our attachment to anything in the material world that does not serve our true Self. Your true Self agreed that if and when the material human aspect imbalanced your real purpose and hindered the breaking of the shell of false truths that you on a soul level would transform your human life in order to bring balance between your body, mind and soul. In doing so, the illusions you created between those aspects would gradually fade into the nothingness from which they came.

Signs that that imbalance and transformation is at hand- both globally and personally- are evident everywhere. The strain of living in the world, especially at this pivotal time in history when everything is going through a metamorphosis of sorts, is peaking. Many people are feeling the heaviness of that in their lives. Some people feel trapped by their society, government, or culture. Others are facing more personal challenges and constraints. This is all a part of the process that is bringing a deeper spiritual need to the human consciousness. Weak economies and war are symptoms of untruths mankind has bought into. Those symptoms are bringing challenges that are forcing people out of their comfort zones. With each challenge come previously unknown fears and obstacles to be faced rather than denied.

No matter our circumstances- what culture we live in, what family we were born into- we have to choose from the opportunities that human existence brings our way. It is our birthright to experience and use the opportunities we choose in order to find our heart's inner most freedom. Not all opportunities, however, come packaged with a bow. In fact, the challenges we face in life are actually our greatest opportunities and our greatest gifts because they force us to face our fears.

Can fear stop you from finding personal freedom? If you choose to deny it, it can. But it's only a matter of further life experience before you will eventually come to the place in consciousness where most fears, which are false truths, can be overcome. The less you know yourself inwardly, the stronger your denial is, until the need to push through what is ignored becomes so strong it can no longer be denied, contained, or put off. Let's say the fear of surviving becomes so emotionally painful that the mind feels it will go insane if it doesn't let go of the fear completely. You come to a place where you are willing to accept whatever you must to survive. In that moment of surrender, a sense of peacefulness and inner strength frees you from the ego, shame, and guilt that have hampered your inner guidance. What you now feel is a sense of empowerment. You accept that whatever the outcome of this experience, you now have the powerful energy of acceptance, surrender and inner guidance to push you through the fear and the unknown to a more aware you that awaits you as you move through your learning experience. When the need to overcome your fear overpowers the fear itself, real inward and outward changes take place. This is true freedom.

Many of you have had to give up homes, jobs, and/or relationships and live more modestly than before. There is no shame in that. In fact, these seeming sacrifices are a gift. These are the kind of challenges that are helping humanity to break through the shell of fear, separateness and self-denial to new experiences, jobs and relationships that will continue to enhance who you have become and will continue to become as you move into an ever expanding awareness of self and the purpose of life.

It is difficult for humans to lose or seemingly give up what they have worked so hard to acquire, to be, to do and accomplish in a world of duality. But those human aspects of life that have been inwardly outgrown have now become stumbling blocks to true inner freedom. Isn't it time to let them go? You who are reading this have asked, consciously or unconsciously, to understand the purpose of your life and, possibly, human existence. The material world is addicting, but there comes a point where it can prevent the true freedom of self-knowing and soul growth.

Balancing body, mind and soul means living in the light of your inner being through the purification of the heart. True freedom doesn't come with closed minds and hearts or over used misunderstood beliefs and teachings. True freedom doesn't know greed, selfishness, fear, hate or separation from each other. It takes deep searching and challenging inner work to see through and beyond the false beliefs this duality has given power, but with that comes true freedom.

Carolyn Gervais is the author of I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion, an eloquent explanation of complex metaphysical concepts that describe how human life connects with soul and spirit. She is an ordained spiritual psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, has a Masters in holistic nutrition, and has been a professional singer for more than 20 years.

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