5 New Laws to Thrive in Uncertain Times By, Alix Rager

Posted by Insight Directory on 15 November 2012 in Coaching & Education

I hear it so often, people are frustrated, angry, and even ashamed that their life is far from what they envisioned it would be by now.  And, somewhat naturally, people tend to point fingers and blame entities, institutions, and other outside structures for their “current situation.” 

For ages, as people in our human culture, our sense of stability, confidence, meaning, support, wellbeing, and purpose has been largely drawn from these very outside sources.

But these entities are changing now; primarily due to the information age, computers, and the internet. Ultimately, what this means is that the middleman is going away.  And this is impacting the church, education, family/marriage, economy, education, arts, medicine/science, government, and social structures. They are all in a state of flux, of transition, and it's changing their meaning in relation to us.

So as they become less and less a source of our sense of self, people who used to reach outside of themselves are now left with a lack of confidence, fear, and uncertainty.

But this shift is actually good news!

The truth is, particularly without the middleman, there's never been a better time to create the life of your dreams. To have a more purposeful life. To lean into your own authentic desires and goals for yourself. 

In these uncertain times, more and more people are awakening to the realization that WE have to become the source of our own confidence, self management, direction and purpose.

We now must begin to find our own way, find our own personal power.

This transition isn’t always smooth, however, because along with an enormous sense of freedom, I often hear, “I feel scared,” “I feel fear,” “there's no one telling me what to do each day,” there’s no one telling me what my purpose or mission is... no one giving me these parameters anymore."

The fact is, with freedom comes responsibility, our ability to respond, our personal responsibility.

WE are responsible for greater outcomes, for seeing what's possible for the future, what's possible for every day life.

We have so much opportunity at our fingertips and personal power to shape a new future and who we are wanting to become.

So what does it take to claim our power?

Let's lay down some new laws... 5 New Laws of Personal Success

1. The Law of Commitment - This begins with acknowledging where we are in life, and ascending from there. This is about forward motion.

No more: "I want to go BACK to how it / I / we / my business used to be." Instead we must commit from where we are now and refuse to look back. Move forward regardless of outside circumstances and stop waiting for the economy to change or the fear to go away.

2. The Law of Clarity- This is the power of our own ability to be clear. Recognize that our personal preferences, dreams, and visions, are our guidance system. Pay attention and tap into the power and clarity found there.

Most of us ignore this and end up settling and distracting ourselves.  We have so much going on that's not truly what we want. We're living in a world of maybes... and not in a world of yeses. Clarity equals YES!

3. The Law of Completion- Part one is to get complete with the past and forgive what we didn't do "right." Let it go... release the stuck energy of “what was” to begin to feel peace with “what is.”

Part two is to experience completion in every day life. We tend set the bar so high, we don't ever reach or feel it. The energy of completion is so important. Your momentum is created by your own experience of completion.

Every time we actually complete something, such as small daily steps that support a larger meaningful intention, we prove to ourselves what’s actually possible, which moves us into forward motion.

4. The Law of Community- Don’t try to go it alone. Surround yourself with positive people who are on this path, living this, taking conscious action, and moving forward. We all need be connected to other people, other influences and voices that are out there creating this new mindset and way of being.

We're bombarded by naysayers, media, you name it, putting bad thoughts in our heads.  It's up to us, it's up to you, to really tap into the updraft created with connection to like-minded community.

5. The Law of Control- This is about taking charge... being in charge of our own results and outcomes. When it comes to our health, wealth, personal success, and growth, etc., we are going to have to be the one to invest in that outcome. That means that we invest with our time, we invest with our energy, and we invest with our money.

Too often, when people are looking to the institutions, there's so much resentment and self righteousness, where they're saying "I'm not gonna pay for that, corporate should pay for that!" or "insurance should pay for that." And as these structures change and shift and crumble, it's becoming more and more OURS to invest in our own results, outcomes, and what we want in our lives.

When WE take control of those outcomes, it means we’ve got skin in the game, it means we are truly invested.

And there's a gift in that: instead of waiting for someone else to do it for us, the gift is that each one of us becomes so deeply empowered and connected to our own results.

"Alix Rager is a self mastery and success mentor who helps women who are feeling called to step into a more authentic and purpose-full life, to tap the ease and flow of their “SweetSpot” while creating the life they were born to live. 

She is a recognized leader, coach, author and speaker who offers her SweetSpot mentoring and coaching programs to individuals and groups worldwide.

If you enjoyed this article, grab her free special report & training video series titled “Find the SweetSpot for More Time, Money and Fun in Your Business” at www.SweetSpotForSuccessBlog.com and also receive a complimentary subscription to her eZine,”SweetSpot For Success.”

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