Anaiya Prakasha, Author of “Pilgrimage of Love

Posted by Insight Directory on 28 September 2011 in Book Reviews
“Anaiya Prakasha, Author of “Pilgrimage of Love,” Makes Her Title Her Mission”

Anaiya Prakasha has come a very long way to do her life’s work. Originally a fashion designer, Anaiya embarked upon her spiritual path when she discovered Kundalini Yoga, an art she has studied and taught since 1997.  She has written and co-authored numerous books, including “Mini Size Me - Ride the Raw Yoga Revolution” and “Open your heart with Kundalini Yoga.”    Despite gaining sucess and recognition as a teacher, Anaiya always knew she had a greater purpose.

In 2009, her diagnosis with stage four cervical cancer drove her to find that purpose.  She co-authored “Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Feminine,” and went on to write “Pilgrimage of Love,” an autobiographically inspired novel about finding transformative love. “Pilgrimage of Love” tells the story of Scarlett O’Shea, a lovely, successful woman who seems to have her life clearly mapped out. But she is haunted by the profound feeling that something is missing.  She embarks on a fearless, totally dedicated quest to find her twin flame, the missing half of her soul.  “Pilgrimage of Love” is the story of her trials and adventures in this quest.  It also tells the story of how difficult it is to forge a deep, powerful, and accepting relationship, and how crucial it is to resolve the wounds left by previous relationships before one can truly merge with a Beloved.  Because of her total dedication, O’Shea finds her Beloved, and is able to overcome the huge challenges that arise in their relationship.

In the process of writing “Pilgrimage of Love,” Anaiya found her mission.  “I have felt this desire to understand and unravel the nature of the masculine/feminine potential found within ‘sacred union’ since I was a child,” she says.  Through her experiences, she has begun to understand this union, and the root of the division.  “This work is a call of the heart and soul to reunify the fragments of self that have been cast out.”

Anaiya has begun a world-wide tour to share what she has learned. Although in the past, the meeting of Beloveds was rare and almost mythic,  Anaiya “knew there was a process that could be followed and reproduced [so] that all men and women with the longing to merge could follow . . . I understand that this is going to be happening more and more as 2012 comes to pass,” she says.Her tour includes lectures and workshops that offer a great opportunity for anyone who believes they can find a deeper, fuller love. Using a wide variety of tools: physical, mental, and spiritual, Anaiya leads participants through a transformative and life-changing process of shedding old wounds and fears.   After healing from the past, Anaiya prepares participants to open their hearts for their Beloved.  She says “I believe that this work effects the whole of creation- and is something that is vital, and essential for the continuation of humanity and its relationship with the rest of existence.”  No wonder Anaiya is willing to tour the world.  

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