Healing Destinations with Donna Fisher-Jackson by Suzie Daggett

Posted by Insight Directory on 03 March 2010 in Book Reviews

Donna Fisher-Jackson is a romantic – always has been, but did not how deeply it governed her life until her mid-thirties. She was introduced to the Enneagram Personality Type System and bingo – vivid bright lights went off as she discovered she was a true Type Four – The Romantic!  It fit her so perfectly, that she wrote a book, The Healing Path of the Romantic.  Donna is very skilled as a counselor in holistic transpersonal psychology, astrology, dreamwork, tarot, and hypnotherapy.  Armed with her tools she can help you find your way through relationships and romance, no matter what your Enneagram type is.

What sets a Romantic type apart from others?

The Romantic is one of nine personality types in the Enneagram Personality Type System.  The Romantic, Type Four, is known for their desire to be an individual, and to be unique and creative.  They are also known for their focus on relationships where a lot of their life learning takes place.  The Romantic lives with a sense of something missing in their life, which creates this longing for the lost love, the unavailable love, a future love and/or a picture of happiness that only love can bring.

Can knowing your Enneagram type help with relationships?

It can help you to make more conscious choices in your life, which can lead to having more conscious and healthy relationships as well.  I believe whenever you have self-awareness, then you can make different choices in your relationships. The Enneagram can help you to become more aware of your relationship patterns, and then you can decide to change those patterns for a healthier way of being in relationship.

How can your new book assist other Romantics?

My bookis a self-help guidebook about the Romantic, the Type Four which includes the latest insights from the experts in the Enneagram field along with relationship and healing tools that any person can use in their life right now. In the book, there are stories about other Romantics, and how they have found awareness and insight through the Enneagram to make lasting changes in their lives.  Included are many relationship tools that could help anyone who is seeking to create a more conscious and romantic partnership.

In honor of Valentine's Day, Donna is giving a talk on the Romantic, Friday, February 12 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at AHmbiance, 884 Lincoln Way, Suite 30, Auburn.  For more details, go to www.DonnaFisherJackson

Suzie Daggett, constantly curious about the mysteries of life, publishes the Insight Healthy Living Directory and produces the Insight Lecture Series.  530-265-9255, www.insightdirectory.com

originally published in the Nevada City Advocate

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