Planning an Uplifting Travel Experience

Posted by Insight Directory on 01 December 2014 in Retreats/Travel/Adventure

Planning an Uplifting Travel Experience
Tips for choosing a guided spiritual pilgrimage, uplifting vacation or healing retreat

Do you sometimes wish you could have a truly relaxing vacation, inspiring pilgrimage, or healing retreat that fosters your wellbeing? Would you like to experience travel that leaves you feeling uplifted and renewed? Here are some tips to guide your decision-making towards the highest best choices for who to travel with, where to go, what to choose to do.

Let Your Intuition Guide You – as you do your research and seek advice watch for what lifts your energy and inspires you. You might consider journaling as you search for the right trip to take. Then be aware of what gently keeps standing out calling you. Take the same approach when considering who to travel with, both your guide or travel leader and other guests. Seek out Light and generosity.

Choose Places of Magnetism – Seek to visit places of beauty, spirit, and joy. These might be traditional pilgrimage sites such as temples and churches, or it might be a ‘green’ resort on a quiet bay in Costa Rica. Magnetism = uplifting energy, flexibility, happiness & joy, peace, beauty, wisdom, expansion.

Find Guided Programs Consistent with an Uplifting Vibration – Make personal contact with the trip leaders to get a feel for their energy, interests, and experience. Ask for the names of guests who have done the program before and call to speak with them as well. Choose programs that support your spiritual practices, beliefs, and traditions.

Location, Location, Location – Aim for lovely accommodations that are well priced. Find travel leaders that have previous experience staying in the resorts booked for the event, as they will have worked out the ‘kinks’ in advance. Be sure you will have plenty of balanced time for rest, uplifting activity, and learning.

Provided by Lalaan Hickey, Director of Communications for Ananda Travels, a spiritual travel program of The Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City, CA. Learn more about Ananada Travels or visit

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