The In-Home Birth Center© by Vanita Lott, RN

Posted by Insight Directory on 18 September 2008 in Birth & Parenting

 We bring the birth center and professional staff to you!

What is the In-Home Birth Center©?

The In-Home Birth Center is a Certified Nurse-Midwife service including full pregnancy care, labor and birth attendance, postpartum and newborn care. Prenatal visits are provided in my offices. The Nurse-Midwife and a professional birth assistant come to your home for labor and birth. We bring oxygen tanks, resuscitation & IV supplies, and emergency equipment to each birth. A complete newborn exam is done. The midwife returns for both a one and three day home visit for mom and baby. Two and six week postbirth visits are in my offices. All clients have access to full laboratory and prenatal testing options.

Why do women seek out the In-Home Birth Center©?

One reason families choose our birth center is to be certain that their prenatal provider will also be at their birth. Women meet their birth assistant a month before their due date. We find that having a trusting on-going relationship with their birth attendants helps women relax and have an easier labor. Many women wish to avoid routine procedures and the epidemic of inductions (20%) and Cesareans (25%). The World Health Organization is very concerned with the over-medicalization of birth in our country.

Is birth in the home safe?

Research has shown that birth at home is a safe alternative for healthy women with normal pregnancies. Having an educated, experienced, and well-equipped midwife is essential. Safety is enhanced through regular prenatal care that prevents, corrects, or detects complications. With good care unexpected, serious complications drop to only 1%.

What about pain in labor?

According to research, women experience less pain when they labor in their own comfortable and familiar environment. Women are surrounded by caring and attentive professionals who have only one woman and baby to care for. Women are not exposed to unnecessary procedures. We carefully monitor the baby’s heart rate with an ultrasonic Doppler according to national standards. This allows women the freedom to move which is a key to increasing comfort during labor. Deluxe heated labor/birth tubs are also available, which many women find effective for comfort. We also offer massage, acupressure, herbs, homeopathic medications and other pain relief techniques if needed.

Vanita Lott, has been an R.N. since 1983 and a Certified Nurse-Midwife since 1997 specializing in well-woman gynecology and holistic pregnancy and birth care. Insurance/Medi-Cal accepted. Call for a free information packet: 530-477-7333 or 887-5406. Website:

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