Weight Loss 2016 A Matter of Energy? by Mark Mincolla, Ph.d

Posted by Insight Directory on 16 December 2015 in Weightloss
Weight Loss 2016 Weight Loss 2016

Tapping the Mind-Body Energy Field to Transcend the Archaic, One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Dieting

According to the CDC (centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 69% of American adults over 20 are overweight; 35.1% are obese. Many will resolve to lose weight this New Year's. However, if we buy into one of the onesize-fits-all diets on the market and don't explore our own, individual mind-energy fields to determine which foods we should be eating and which we should avoid to shed those pounds, we may never fit the size we dream of.

Take a look around you. You see lamps, tables, a television set, four walls, a ceiling and a floor. What you see may only be what you think you see. What you think you see may in fact be but an illusion. You've been led to believe that the over-stuffed material supported by four wooden legs that you're sitting in as you're reading this is a chair, but reality is based on perception, and your perception of reality is based on an obsolete theory of materialism.

In 1921, Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his groundbreaking theory of relativity. With this theory, Einstein reinforced an emerging reality based on the inter-convertibility and transferability of energy and matter. Suddenly there was an argument for a reshaped reality where the perceptible is both supported and continually created by the imperceptible. With his Nobel Prize award, the world was suddenly forced to acknowledge that all matter is comprised of 99.999 percent energy.

In 1925, the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Dr. Werner Heisenberg for discovering a way to formulate quantum mechanics in comprehensive matrices. Heisenberg's discovery revealed that all things material were in fact, comprised of energy. In the span of one generation, reality as the world had known it was turned upside down. Solid material objects were suddenly redefined as invisible vibrating particles of energy that gave shape to the mirage that was our erroneous material reality.

In spite of the transformational Nobel Prize work of Einstein and Heisenberg, the western world has insisted on holding on for dear life to an outdated Newtonian reality predicated on the five senses. This represents nearly a century of self imposed limitation. Even to this day, if we can't see it, touch it, hear it, taste it or smell it, for all intents and purposes it ceases to exist. Delving into the world of energy demands that we be willing to reach beyond our grasp, to see the invisible and hear the inaudible. We largely remain a materially biased culture simply because we're unwilling to expand our consciousness beyond our five senses. Instead of attaining to a higher level of understanding as is demanded by any appreciable degree of energy literacy, we instead insist on forcing our most convenient reality of choice to conform to the limitations of our consciousness. But what are the real possibilities beyond such shortsightedness and ignorance? What might we be missing out on? Imagine if we were willing to stretch our consciousness just long enough to explore the infinite possibilities that energy-based applications might offer.

We need turn no further than the world of our ancestors for a hint of viable possibilities. They understood and applied energy-based applications for a variety of purposes including medicine, healing and self defense. Acupuncture, Reiki and martial arts are time-tested examples of energy-based applications that have dramatically improved life quality. So, where medicine and healing have played such an important role in our ancestral energy healing applications, why couldn't we employ them for our present weight loss dilemma?

Einstein and Heisenberg made it clear that everything is energy! You and I are comprised of energy, and so too is food. Whenever two energies meet there is an energetic reaction that is either positive or negative. And so it is when we eat. Some foods make us feel strong, while other foods make us feel weak. As anyone with a gluten intolerance can tell you, even the slightest hint of wheat on the palate can create some very inflammatory energy. There are those with such severe peanut allergies that a mere waft of the nuts will send them to the emergency room in a state of anaphylaxis. But do these profound energetic reactions only take place within our material, body chemistry?

The mind produces an energy field that is shared by the body. In energetic terms the mind and body are one. Whatever reactions take place in the body also happen simultaneously in the mind, and vice versa. Remember, the world of matter only appears to differ from the world of energy. We're led to believe that the only way to experience a negative food reaction is bodily. The truth is food reactions manifest at both a body and mind level simultaneously. This fact suggests a remarkable possibility for diet and weight loss.

There are several university studies that have proven that subjects can experience appreciable weight loss by merely thinking about food! It seems that by thinking about feeling full on copious amounts of healthy food such as lean proteins, low starch vegetables and low sugar fruits, the mind-body energy field becomes programmed to support weight loss. The body-mind field represents a new frontier in diet, weight loss possibilities.

One energy application that is currently being explored is that of food energy muscle testing. This is a simple procedure that can easily be engaged by two people. A subject and practitioner can interface, with the practitioner placing an index finger gently on the subject's throat as if to energetically dialogue with the subject's calorie burning thyroid gland. Then the subject raises their non-dominant arm at shoulder height for a series of simple strength resistance muscle tests, as the practitioner audibly calls out the names of respective foods. Those announced foods that elicit a strong subject strength response are representative of the most efficient calorie burning foods for the subject's prospective diet. The audibly called out foods that weaken the subject's arm strength, on the other hand, should be seen as foods that will likely hamper subject's metabolic weight loss efficiency. It's as if we can be manually tested through our mind-body field for our unique, energetic "DNA like" response. One of the more interesting aspects of this testing is that many foods that are generically considered to be healthy might in fact impose a negative influence over one's weight loss metabolism.

The human mind-body energy field is a subtle and unique medium for food allergy testing. It represents an untapped natural resource that invites us to transcend the archaic, material, one-size-fits-all approach to dieting.

 Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., is a natural health care practitioner who has transformed thousands of lives over thirty years. Integrating ancient Chinese energy techniques with cutting-edge nutritional science, Dr. Mincolla approaches food as the primary medicine. He is the author of THE WHOLE HEALTH DIET: Balancing Energy and Nutrition to Achieve Optimum Health (Tarcher Penguin/ Dec. 29, 2015). www.MarkMincolla.com

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