Letter from the Editor Spring 2017

Posted by Insight Directory on 15 July 2017 in Nutrition & Recipes

If only summer could stay with me forever, I might just proclaim my heaven. It is in these months that all life seems to flourish and the vibe of all humanity elevates. My favorite season of the year is once again gracing me with its presence and wrapping around me like an invigorating blanket.

What’s not to love about summer? I can only think of one possible thing…heat; and even that I love.

The smell of a campfire, children laughing free of the cares of all school time responsibilities, the smell of freshly cut grass, blue skies, starlit skies, and on and on I could go. 

Yes, I love all things summer but I have to say that one of my most beloved things about summer is the food. Just thinking of fresh summer fruit, brightly colored vegetables, fresh squeezed lemonade and BBQs seems to nourish my soul.

For many people, summer foods, represent health and vitality. We partake in our meals with glee, imaging how they will satisfy, heal, and energize our bodies. After all, the things we consume become part of us building and fortifying our very being. Or, at least we expect them to. However, when profit becomes more important than the safety and health of our bodies, the environment or the animals we share the planet with, we must question if the food we are consuming actually does more damage than good.

In this edition, we tackle the very controversial and confusing labeling practices of our food. Although we all want to do our part, confusing, and largely unregulated labeling practices, combined with clever marketing ploys make it ever more challenging.

We all have the right to clean food and now more there ever it has become vital that we each take responsibility for ensuring the sustainability of a healthy food supply. Educating ourselves about food labeling practices helps empower us to do so. 

To that end, I hope you find the cover article helpful in sourcing healthy, sustainable food for you and your family. Also, in this edition, you will find articles on the healing benefits of camping, and safe Yoga moves to create good posture and reduce back pain.

As always, the directory portion of Insight Healthy Living is also at the heart of the magazine as a resource and guide for finding local practitioners, services, events, retreats, and products for you and your family’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

I wish you a beautiful spring & summer full of delicious health!

Stephanie Breeze
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