Center of Movement, by Haven Caravelli

Posted by Insight Directory on 05 March 2009 in Movement

The Center of Movement is a unique, local Pilates, BodyCode and Movement Education studio that teaches and supports individuals to cultivate new movement patterns and body awareness for the purpose of increased energy, physical ease and peace of mind.

We are the only studio in Nevada County that is fully equipped with both the Artform equipment from Italy as well as the highly recognized Stott Pilates Equipment from Canada.  We specialize in bodycode- a system developed for individuals to improve their physical and mental condition by strengthening and stretching in full dimensional functional movement patterns using a series of specifically designed pieces of equipment.  We pride ourselves on providing a genre of higher caliber Pilates certificates and degrees and by the extensive training that our staff regularly receives by the founder of the bodycode system, Pino Carbone. 

The Foundation of Center of Movements methodology is our staff’s understanding and training of how to utilize the following specialized equipment, how to facilitate individual goals and how to educate the human composition and form.

*Bodykey- (known formally as “Elvis”) a bicycle seat looking devise used to support, stabilize and bring awareness to the abdominal, gluteus, supporting spinal muscles, and all articulating joints. Sitting, standing or balancing in various positions with an adding rocking motion, individuals see results often not achieved through other forms of exercise or sports.

*Master Stretch- Boot like devices that use a rocking movement of the ankle, which moves your body’s center of gravity back and forth.  By finding your center of gravity, individuals see improvements in the muscular structure, the joint capsules, the tendons and the nerves. 

*Geometrix- - a wooden configuration designed to mobilize and stabilize the whole body while specific fascial release techniques are administered to relieve tightness and/or dysfunction. Advanced conditioning with emphasis on neuromuscular reeducation, enhances rehabilitation, helps prevent of injuries, and increases quality of life.

The Center Of Movement also offers a contemporary approach to Pilates that focuses on effective movements, which condition both the body and mind. This is achieved by utilizing spring-loaded apparatus such as the Cadillac, 2 Reformers, Tower, Split Chair. All smaller apparatus including the High Barrel, the Spine Corrector, circles, therabands and foam are also used for assistance or resistance dependant on personal structural needs.

Imagine a program that is specifically tailored for you -- your body and your goals.  This is our mission at The Center of Movement.   Our professionally trained staff welcomes the opportunity to be part of your personal growth by helping you reach a higher level of mental and physical awareness through the use of Pilates, bodycode and movement education.  

By Haven Caravelli

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