Why Kids Should Love Their ADD by Marion Culhane, BS, RN

Posted by Insight Directory on 18 September 2008 in Mental & Emotional Health

We're a grass roots program dedicated to raising public awareness about working with success traits built into most ADD and ADHD kids, as well as other learning challenges. Our motto is "Lab Test, NOT Best Guess!" We give a lab test not an evaluation. We offer a 4-step, 12-week program that will get you a lab test plus Results with improving the quality of life for your children. We believe in focusing on being happy, healthy and successful. We believe kids with ADD and ADHD are "Quick Smart Kids," not learning disabled.

Our initial study group in 1997 in a school in Chicago with 1500 children showed positive responses amongst a large majority of the students who participated. Many of them have been able to reduce or completely eliminate the use of psychotropic drugs.

Last year we began a new focus to first determine possible causes of AD/HD and other learning disorders. We knew it was vital to be addressing the source of the problem, not just treating symptoms. We found a strong correlation between AD/HD symptoms and heavy metal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies along with delayed food allergies. We found that through Hair Analysis we have a scientific direction for solving the problems of heavy metal toxicity that CAUSE negative AD/HD symptoms. We further found that through Delayed Allergy Food testing, we can also pinpoint food reactions which can also CAUSE negative AD/HD symptoms.

While all 4 Steps in the Results Project are important, we believe the most important is the nutritional supplements we recommend. These supplements are among the safest and most effective on the market. For the past ten years we have worked personally with the Scientific Research and Development Company that produces them and know their efficacy first hand.

We also focus on success traits as taught by the best personal development coaches and success books in the world. We use success and personal development to work with ADD traits. If you need a drug you should take it. If you don't need a drug, you shouldn't take it. We focus on "need". The Results speak for themselves.

Here's from Mrs. Denise Hampton, a teacher in Dallas, Texas whose students were on the program:

"Within two weeks my staff and I started to notice results. It was a miracle. The children retained information. They began to focus. The school's test scores went from being among the lowest to the highest in the state of Texas. I attribute what happened in our school to the glyconutrients that our students began to take. I believe that they should be part of every student's diet. I believe that they are as important as a student learning the alphabet."

To learn more, go to http://marion.resultsproject.net or contact Marion Culhane, BS, RN at 530-432-8484 or toll free at 888-579-0557 or email: Marion@resultsproject.net


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