The Speed of Life

Posted by Insight Directory on 11 July 2018 in Mental & Emotional Health

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The Speed of Life

Rob Breeze Publisher–  Insight Healthy Living Magazine

Remember when life was fresh and naive, and folks were friendly and helpful? It feels like only yesterday that strangers greeted one another pleasantly and people truly got to know those around them. Group and outdoor activities, away from the phone, and TV, sharing laughs and fresh air were the norm. Life was slower and easier - like a comfy sweater, holding everyone together at the edges, while still allowing plenty of room to breathe. 

Then gradually our eight tracks became CDs; AM radios, now satellite; VCRs are DVDs; and boom box beats flow from MP3 players smaller than our hand. Out with rotary dials and pay phones and in with our own cellular network. We teleconference, video chat and stream live - finding ways to work and play from just about anywhere. We have the ability to deal around the globe, on demand, and that makes the world a very different place. Though all of this “progress” comes with great advantages, all that was significant suddenly isn’t priority anymore; and here we are, facing vast, uncharted territory ahead.

What really happens, as technology floods the landscape? Realistically - anything, anytime!  The world’s marketplace barges into our lives a million times a day. We have gazillions of choices at our beck and call and most times we can’t even decide.

The ease of “getting what we want”, has overloaded our senses, influencing many of us toward being more self centered and impatient. Focused only on one’s own desire and decidedly numb to everything else - it’s becoming an all about “ME” and “NOW” society. Yes, technology has changed the world and has altered our values and how we handle relationships. Most things in life have become expendable, replaceable or upgradable. Sadly, that sometimes includes people.

There seems to be an underlying force behind our selfishness that is subliminally delivered by the folks that will benefit from it. This force is no longer only on billboards and television screens; it is now in our purse, pocket or backpack. This force whispers “just one more click and there will be another, whatever, even better and shinier than yours.” or “click here to see how many people like you or don’t like you”, and it has caused us to search outside of ourselves for happiness and to no longer value the things that bring true joy.

And then there are the threats from hackers, predators and cyber bullies that threaten our financial, mental and physical health and safety.

Though the times are quite exciting in many ways, the digital world has clearly created new challenges for humanity to overcome. Our youth will have the biggest burden to carry as life will quite literally move at the speed of the fastest internet connection for them and future generations. But for now, the burden is on us to set good examples for the children in our lives and to teach them how to be healthy, stay safe, and never forget to appreciate the people, and the beauty in the real world, rather than the digital one. In order to do that however, we must not forget to slow down and smell the roses ourselves.

In this edition of Insight, we will explore some of the many challenges the Digital Age has ushered in and how we can come together as a now global society to identify them and find conscious ways to overcome them.

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