Good News for Colds and Flu! By: Elizabeth Byszeski

Posted by Insight Directory on 30 November 2016 in Herbal Remedies

We always hope to glide through this season without an unwelcome visit. But for many it comes knocking - sometimes hard, and can last for weeks.
Homeopathy is the second largest health care system in the world and millions swear by it for acute (colds, flus, injuries) and chronic concerns alike. It has a successful history in epidemics, including the 1918 Spanish Flu where it is reported to have had a 98% cure rate where used.

Many are choosing homeopathics instead of a flu shot because of its effectiveness and ability to strengthen the immune system. It has been the testimony of many advocates that Homeopathic remedies can help stop or shorten illnesses whether bacterial, viral, toxic or unknown.

Below are some common cold/flu remedies recommended by homeopaths and the corresponding symptoms that they help alleviate.

The following is not meant to be a medical diagnosis or cure and you should always consult a qualified homeopath or other licensed medical practitioner before trying any natural remedies.

Aconite: Sudden onset, after exposure to dry, cold air/wind, a shock or fright. High fever, inflamed red throat, burning, stinging, hard to swallow, swollen tonsils, hoarse, dry, barking, croupy cough. Bitter taste in mouth.

Arsenicum: Restless, anxious, chilly. Often begins at night with chills, diarrhea, vomiting. Wants small sips of cold drinks often. In a cold may have burning discharge from eyes and nose and/or stuffy nose. May wants attention and company.

Baptisia: Flu with stupefying headache, confusion and delirium. Senses become distorted and may experience odd sensations or say strange things. Sore all over.

Belladonna: Sudden onset with high fever, red face, lips, dilated pupils, bounding pulse. Pounding headache. Hot head with cold hands or feet. Red, sore throat, enlarged tonsils, difficulty swallowing, not thirsty. Tickling, short, dry, barking cough. Agitation, hallucinations, delirium.

Bryonia: Motion worsens symptoms, prefers being still, quiet, even holds chest when coughing. Headache, body aches. Lethargic, irritable, want to be alone. Chills & fever, commonly spike 9 p.m. Thirst for large cold drinks. Cough is dry, hard, croupy, painful, excited by deep breath. If has moved into chest and is mainly a cough.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: Severe aching & chills in muscles and deep in bones (feel broken). Often begins with thirst then chills and burning fever. Chilly, desires cold food & drinks. Nausea and vomiting. Sore all over, sore skin, backache. Hoarseness & cough with sore chest. Great weakness.

Ferrum Phosphoricum: Colds that come on slowly, often heading into chest or ears. Red burning eyes, flushed face. Sore throat going into chesty symptoms, developing into bronchitis. Weak. For those who get frequent colds with nosebleeds.

Gelsemium: Drowsiness and extreme fatigue. Very sleepy, heavy eyes, with chills and achiness. Chills & heat up and down spine. Altered breathing, chest oppression. Throat pain, no thirst.

Kali Bichromicum: Stringy, ropy nasal discharge. Eyelids may be burning and swollen. Feels better with heat.

Mercurius vivus: Alternating cold and hot, sensitive to heat and cold like mercury in a thermometer. Sore throat, perspiration, bad breath and taste in the mouth. Sneezing especially in warm sun, with burning discharge from eyes. Nose raw from profuse burning discharge, may be blood streaked, becomes greenish and foul smelling.

Nux vomica: Very cold, violent chills, usually with nausea or intestinal cramping. Unable to relieve or vomit but needs to. Sensitive to light, noise, odor, cold. Muscle aches. Painful cough, constricted breathing. Stuffy colds after exposure to dry cold air. Nose runs during day, stuffed up at night/outdoors. Irritable, worse from exertion.

Oscillococcinum (Anas barbariae): Use at first sign of general flu. Does not go by specific symptoms. If not feeling better after first dose, use another remedy.

Phosphorus: Debility and collapse. Goes quickly to chest. Chilly, desires ice cold drinks. Prefers company and reassurance. Fever, flushed face, small quick pulse, dizziness, anxiety. Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting. Chest heaviness, tightness, heat up the back. Dry cough. Throat raw, hoarse, painful speaking. Colds from being run down.

Pulsatilla: Colds with profuse watery, runny, congested nose, discharge clear, yellow or greenish. Changeable or one-sided symptoms. Worse in stuffy rooms, relieved by fresh air but can be chilly. Often feel weepy, clingy or crave sympathy and affection/care.

Rhus tox: Exposure to wet, cold weather typically brings this type of flu on. Symptoms variable, with restlessness due to both pain & stiffness. Frequently changing position to be physically comfortable.
Some may need more than one remedy or one not listed. Chronic ailments or weak health usually respond well to constitutional treatment (physical, emotional and mental).

Elizabeth Byszeski is a Classical Homeopath and Intuitive Healer in Grass Valley. 425-417-9977

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