To vaccinate or not? by Suzie Daggett

Posted by Insight Directory on 24 November 2009 in Alternative/Integrative Medicine

To vaccinate or not?  What are you making of the news reports about a flu epidemic?  How can you make the best choice for yourself to stay healthy?  Since there are many theories in this complicated issue, I thought it would be of interest for you to read thoughts by a variety of healing arts practitioners who are working daily with their patients to answer this very question.  I have asked the following professionals this question: If a patient is choosing not to vaccinate, what treatments or options do you suggest to assist them to stay healthy?

Homeopathy, Nancy Herrick, PA, 510-412-9040

We do have homeopathic "vaccine" remedies. However, I look for the deep single constitutional homeopathic remedy that fits the person and is the substance that is the most similar to them in every way. This remedy is then what they use as often as needed to stay healthy on all levels. My other approach is sound nutrition but not huge amounts of supplements and powders, rather in real food: raw dairy, butter, pasture raised eggs and meat with fat on it, fermented foods, chicken soup, fish and whole fresh vegetables. It is the "Weston Price" approach to eating as our ancestors ate. By combining these two systems, people stay healthy and have strong immune systems.

Naturopathy, Carolyn Weisswasser, ND, 530-271-7123

There are no alternatives to the vaccine, meaning there is nothing else that provides the virus in a form that is shown to stimulate antibodies to the virus. For people who are very young, old or ill they should strongly consider vaccinating. Fortunately there are also medicines that have some evidence of preventing the flu: elderberry, colostrum and vitamin D. Homeopathic preparations of the H1N1 virus are also now available and may be helpful for preventing the flu.

Osteopathy, Daniel Allen, DO, 530-478-5770

Optimizing health is so important: go to bed early, wear a hat, and layers of clothing; eat organic nourishing foods in season, without chemicals and preservatives; love and use butter, coconut oil, bone broths, vegetables, eggs, meats, raw milk, wild seafood, whole grains, whole plain yogurt, and fresh raw juices of vegetables and fruits. Insure your body has adequate nutrition.  Don't forget water. Move your body in a way that you enjoy, laugh, enjoy gratitude, love.

Acupuncture, Sunshine Fowler, DOM, L.Ac., 530-277-6559

Acupuncture helps immune cells resist infections and Chinese herbs protect points of entry with anti-virals, medicinal mushrooms, qi tonics and digestive restoratives. Dietary variety and whole food multivitamins provide optimal micronutrients. Vitamin D defends against respiratory system viruses. Rest, since lack of sleep blunts a body’s response to flu by 50%. Avoid sugar.  Ingesting 100g of refined carbohydrate reduces immunity by 90% within 15 minutes lasting 2 hours. Wash hands often, cough into elbows, not hands. Rub hand sanitizers until dry. Dress warmly.


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