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Posted by Insight Directory on 08 July 2009 in Alternative/Integrative Medicine

Bonjour a tous,

My name is Veronique Sepulchre. I am from Belgium and have been living in the area for 14 years. Love it! I am a French teacher and cuisine instructor, with a French twist of course! This is my passion and the reason why I came to the States 25 years ago: sharing and giving my culture, my language, and the delicate pallet of French cuisine.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with MS. No cure for that. You just have to live with it. I chose holistic approach, and emphasis on yoga, swimming, meditation, new lifestyle and clean diet. Organic was a must! After researching extensively, reading, talking, questioning many doctors of different philosophies, I organized my thoughts and set a plan: to live a good life with MS.

Multiple sclerosis is called a “degenerative disease of the central nervous system.” Just the word “degenerative” freaked me out. I didn’t know what to do, where to go. For days and nights, for weeks, for months, I was totally lost, confused, anxious, disorganized, not sleeping, not knowing what to eat, what not to eat, what supplements to take or not, how to calm my nervous system which was going totally nuts. Where was I heading???

YOU, who read me, who have MS, or know someone who was just diagnosed, you do NOT need to go through all that. Suffering and panicking is not necessary, stress is definitely wrong for you. All this terror is absolutely not indispensable. 

Call me, make a few days available, come and live with me. I will help you; I will share with you what has been working for me. My neurologist himself told me a few months ago: “ Veronique, whatever you do, keep doing it, you are testing much better today than last time.”

I will share with you my extensive research; I will teach you new recipes to meet the needs of your new diet; I will introduce you to the exercises that are now best for you; I will help you to build and keep a positive mind; I will show you what supplements I was advised to take, and finally, but not least, I will talk to you about lifestyle.

A lot of books address this issue, I know, and I read many of them. A book remains a book. I am a human being with the experience, the heart, and the karma. I can help you.


Veronique Sepulchre

(530) 273.1051

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