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Posted by Insight Directory on 02 April 2009 in Alternative/Integrative Medicine

No matter what is placing us under stress at this time, lack of money, no job, divorce, death in family, uncertain times etc., many powerful new medicine systems are arising, and are able to assist us with coming back to balance. The most amazing among them access and address the informational pathways of the body's own intelligences, nourishing and supporting organs, tissues and whole systems and working in the subtle domains of psychology, emotion and spiritual disciplines.  These remedies and methods work to dislodge stuck emotions, identify and restore key relationships (e.g. with parents, siblings and perpetrators and with self and ultimately Source/God), and to open pathways to greater dynamic experiences and expressions of life. The use of information treats the emotions, mental, physical systems of an individual. It is a holistic approach to wellness with an ability to access and download information to an individual’s morphogenetic field. The morphogenetic field contains the information needed to direct the manifestation and development of living things.  The field tells the living system what form to take. The field is also capable of carrying information and transferring it to future generations. Having access to this field is a technological wonderment we are just beginning to realize and appreciate.

In the past, practitioners were trained to work allopathically (against disease) - for example anti-biotic, anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, ant-acid, etc. This is even true of many holistic practitioners, e.g. in Oriental Medicine, if it is cool - warm it, if it is damp - dry it, etc. While these methods are very powerful, they are also inherently bio-incompatible - that is, giving health and balance in one area often at the expense of creating deeper disturbances in some other area (or areas). At the extreme opposite end of the allopathic spectrum are energetic "drastic" (homeopathic and biological) medicines which work by treating likes or similar (instead of by opposites).  This branch of medicine is very effective, but takes an extraordinary amount of skill to do properly, often precludes use of other modalities, and is well known to induce problems that were not formerly there (known as proving) if the incorrect potency, duration or remedy is taken. Attention being placed on just the area of disease gives us only a limited view of the entire organism.  For example: stress can show up in many ways in the body, yet most of the time it originates in the mind and emotions.  Just knowing what thought pattern creates a particular response, and then our consciousness with the correct information can choose a different reaction.  New information points us to new perspectives.  In these new perspectives, we are open to a bigger picture of balance and wellbeing. One of the hallmarks of the CoRe machine is its ability to make adjustments with thought patterns of an individual that creates imbalances in the system.

The CoRe Inergetix machine works both energetically and informationally, that is, they bring the body to optimal function and balance, and are inherently self-limiting (cannot take too much) and bio-compatible (safe for infants and all people and all conditions).  Informational medicine facilitates quick work at deep core levels that energize and restore systems, organs and tissues within the body without inducing other disturbances as most if not all-current medicines do. The Inergetix-CoRe System is widely used to analyze and balance clients of all ages as well as animals and plants on the level of both energy and information.  Because of its work on the informational level, it can be used to help people who are unable to visit the user’s practice or office, or a tree in the garden, or animals or crops in the field.  This system combines analysis and balancing on the informational and energetic levels.  Because the Inergetix-CoRe System has more ways to measure and measures more times, it gives the most reliable and reproducible informational analysis and broadcast of any device on the market in the fields of informational and energy medicine.

Quantum physics tells us that there is a connection between matter and consciousness.  This connection allows for the instantaneous transmission of information. In other words, information is transmitted nonlocally.  Consciousness plays a very important role in providing meaning to the universe.  Consciousness is not only our connection to the physical world, but also somehow defines it.

 If consciousness is somehow connected to physical events, then how does this information travel? Or what does it travel to? These are tough questions with no concrete answers. However, two researchers discovered some clues.  Experiments conducted by Alain Aspect and Nicolas Gisin in the 1980s and 1990s demonstrated that the speed of the information transfer between particles was much faster than the speed of light.  Aspect and Gisin’s experiment resulted in a speed of 20,000 times faster than the speed of light! It appears as though the particles are connected in some way so that there is a nearly instantaneous communication of information. Consciousness puts information into contextual form; it gives it meaning.

Using the Inergetix-CoRe System for helping humanity evolve to a higher level of understanding about themselves and how we create reality is a viable way to find the answers to what ails us.  Yes, from our own ignorance and misguided interactions with the world around us we get entangled with chemicals that have been produced to seemingly make our lives more convenient without realizing the price of this venture. From additives in our foods to enhance flavor, to emotional traumas that never get processed, to parasites hidden in our environment we are exposed to many onslaughts that weaken us. We are all connected by our own humanity and it’s evolvement.  The CoRe machine is an incredible technological gift that can help us weave our way out of the jungle of dis-ease.  When we are given the cause of our issues then the step towards healing is much quicker and more cost effective, in a world conditioned to expect instant results.

Our challenges are opportunities to assist us in becoming aware of ourselves and how we make sense of our interaction with the world around us.  As Edward Bach once said: “Disease is solely and purely corrective; it is neither vindictive nor cruel, but is the means adopted by our own souls to point out to us our faults, to prevent our making greater errors, to hinder us from doing more harm, and bring us back to the path of Truth and Light from which we should never have strayed.”  Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.  Our souls biggest concern is for our growth and evolvement. The quest for healing is a hidden call for us to wake up to our own consciousness and pure awareness. Informational medicine is a tool to guide us in this quest, which can bring us to our natural state of pure happiness and vibrant health!

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