Past- Life Regressions By, Donna Fisher- Jackson, M.A., CHT

Posted by Insight Directory on 09 June 2016 in Healing Arts & Science

 A Healing Tool for the Present Time

Remembering a past life can often lead to a healing experience in your current lifetime. Sometimes, past life memories come back to a person in their night-time dreams, or in their meditations.  The memories can also be experienced through déjà-vu feelings that can arise when we’re with a certain person, or in a certain place.  But past-life regression is one tool where we can actively seek out a past life memory.    

Past-life regression is a method of hypnosis where you can re-experience a past life with the assistance of a professional hypnotherapist. 

There are many reasons to want to go on a journey back in time. Some people have always wondered about their past lives, but if you have a strong desire to seek out this kind of work, then there could be a message that you need to know right now from a certain lifetime. 

Past life memories are stored in the deep sub-conscious of our minds.  There are reasons why we don’t remember them consciously.  The biggest reason may be that remembering all of our previous lifetimes could interfere with our living of our current lifetime.  But many times, remembering a certain past life can give us insight into an issue that is currently going on in our present lifetime. 

Many people who are born with strong phobias discover that the fears are often linked to past lives.  Through doing this kind of work, they can re-remember the event that led to the fear, and work on releasing it from this lifetime.  You can also remember gifts and talents from previous lifetimes that might be helpful in your current life.  Under hypnosis, you can then retrieve these talents and bring them back into your conscious awareness. 

Another reason people explore past lives is when they feel a strong attraction to another person.  These kinds of attractions are often described as soul mate connections which are not only romantic relationships, but could be between family members, and even best friends.  When the feelings are very strong between two people, they have most likely spent more than one lifetime together.  In a past-life regression, you can discover these lifetimes, and what work you may be completing together in this current lifetime.  Sometimes, once the work is done, then the relationship will end especially in the case of strong romantic attractions. For other soul mates, they will be together their entire lifetime.

What to expect in your first past-life regression? 

If you’ve never been hypnotized before, then the hypnotherapist will usually guide you through some relaxation techniques to prepare you for the deeper hypnosis work.  In the first session, most people will remember one of their past lives, and the memories usually get stronger after going on journeys back in time more than once. 

Many people feel like they are imagining the whole experience, and this is often how it feels especially if you’re not a visual person where you see pictures in your mind’s eye.  You can feel like you’re making it up, but if you can allow yourself to go with the experience, then you’ll usually begin to remember more and more of the past lives. 

The amazing gift from a past-life regression is that the insights usually lead to a situation in your current lifetime where you can then begin to make changes.  For some people, it’s the awareness alone that can help them to make a change in their current behavior patterns.  For others, the awareness can come in time as they explore the past life, and look for ways to verify the information, and the historical facts of the time period.  

If you’ve ever considered past life work, take time to remember what people, places, and time periods that you’ve been drawn to in this lifetime.  You’d be surprised how many times that leads to a past life memory.  Once you uncover the memory, then you could experience more insights into your current life.  All you need is an open mind to take a journey back in time. 

Donna M. Fisher-Jackson, M.A., CHT is a Certified Hypnotherapist who utilizes past-life regression in her counseling business as a healing tool.  She has also written a novel on past lives – Clara & Irving:  A Love Story of Past Lives.  In her business, Iris Holistic Counseling Services, she works with the tools of Hypnotherapy, the Enneagram Personality Type System, Dreamwork, Western Astrology, and the Mythic Tarot.  Visit her website at

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