Spring/Summer 2014 Letter from the Editor

Posted by Insight Directory on 01 May 2014 in Editor's Blog

Editor’s Note:

When it comes to individual wellbeing, one of the most prominent dilemmas we seem to be facing in our society is time, or the lack thereof. How do we find balance in a daily life that’s traveling as fast as pressing the send button on our smart phone? Add to the information overload our daily responsibilities; such as work deadlines, doctor appointments, household projects, getting the kids to dance classes or football practices, etc., and we have a recipe for poor health and spiritual bankruptcy.

So how do we get it all done and still manage to take care of our minds, bodies and spirits?  How do we give our bodies, relationships, and work the time and attention they need to be healthy and prosperous while still allowing time to let our spirit sing and fulfill our individual purpose?

In this edition we examine how the color of the food we eat can protect us from stress related illnesses; revel at the brain’s remarkable ability to learn well into our golden years; delve into the importance of putting passion into action for the benefit of ourselves and mankind; and finally we explore ancient wisdom passed down from the sages of time long past, as well as many other wonderful ways to nurture our minds, bodies and spirits.

Coming this July 2014, a long awaited labor of love will now not only serve our community, but seekers of individual, community and planetary well-being worldwide.  With the launch of this Spring/Summer Edition comes a rebirth of a long lived and revered website.  The Insight Healthy Living Magazine & Directory will be reborn this summer to serve both younger and older generations.  With a brand new Directory format, we make it easy for you to find a multitude of holistic health, alternative/integrative medicine, as well as natural and sustainable living resources and products. 

The all new website also features a plethora of new articles, videos and television shows on topics such as conscious living, fitness, nutrition, spiritual practices, and ancient wisdom to name a few.

I invite you to explore our new website, directory and online magazine at www.insightdirectory.com and to peruse this spring/summer edition to find ways to improve your life and health.

I hope that you enjoy this edition of Insight Healthy Living and I leave you with this to contemplate…  Is our dilemma really a lack of time?  Or, is it what we choose to do with the time we have that is the true dilemma?

In Peace, Love, and Gratitude,

Stephanie Breeze


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