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Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn and the Sierra Foothills have a certain palpable energy that attracts people seeking a lifestyle of healing and wellness. Our area is also home to many diverse healing arts practitioners, whose life work is to help in the healing of body, mind, spirit and earth. As a result of the diversity of healers in the area, Suzie Daggett recognized the need for a directory of healing arts practitioners, wellness products, services and sustainable living ideas. She began publishing the Insight Healthy Living Directory and this website in 2002 with help from many. In December 2011, Suzie sold the Insight Directory to Sano Beauty & Wellness, Inc. which continues the mission of promoting healing, wellness and healthy living.

Insight Healthy Living is a vital and visible container for information, education and deeper awareness in the variety of choices offered for ancient, new and/or emerging health and wellness options. Call us with any of your ideas, comments or suggestions to improve Insight. We are always happy to collaborate!

Insight Healthy Living

10556 Combie Road, PMB 6379
Auburn, CA 95602
(530) 265-9255

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