Directory Outlets

You can pick up your current copy of the Insight Directory at the following businesses and many practitioner's offices:

Grass Valley    Afternoon Deli    101 W. McKnight Way

Grass Valley    Back Porch Market   135 Colfax Ave.

Grass Valley    Bikram Yoga    900 Golden Gate Terrace Ste.D

Grass Valley    Body Talk California 1097 E. Main St.

Grass Valley    Book Seller   107 Mill St.

Grass Valley    BookTown Books    107 Bank St.

Grass Valley    BriarPatch Community Market    290 Sierra College Dr.

Grass Valley    Bubbas Bagels    11943 Nevada City Highway

Grass Valley    Caroline's Coffee    1110 E. Main St.

Grass Valley    Center of Movement    116 W. Main St #4

Grass Valley    Club Sierra    130 W. Berryhill Dr.

Grass Valley    Grass Valley Courtyard Suites   210 N. Auburn St.

Grass Valley    Diegos Good Chilean Food    217 Colfax Ave.

Grass Valley    Empire Shoes    534 Sutton Way

Grass Valley    Fast N Fit    760 S. Auburn St.

Grass Valley    Flour Garden  109 Neal St, & 999 Sutton Way

Grass Valley    Grass Valley Yoga 10052 Alta Sierra Dr.

Grass Valley    Highland Springs Wellness Center   1061 E. Main St.

Grass Valley    Holbrooke Hotel    212 W. Main St.

Grass Valley    Lotus Health Center    565 Brunswick Rd. #9

Grass Valley    Mailboxes Plus    2036 Nevada City Highway

Grass Valley    Make Local Habit   122 Mill St.

Grass Valley    Mercury Cleaners    986 Plaza Dr.

Grass Valley    Natural Selection    589 E. Main St.

Grass Valley    Nevada County Chamber     248 Mill St.

Grass Valley    Karma Café   109 Mill St.

Grass Valley    Knight’s Paints 1219 Sutton Way

Grass Valley    Peaceful Valley Farm Supply    125 Clysdale Court

Grass Valley    Pine St. Café  102 Richardson St.

Grass Valley    Post Net    578 Sutton Way

Grass Valley    ReStore  12359 Loma Rica Dr.

Grass Valley    Safeway -in Lotus Guide stand    105 Neal St.

Grass Valley    Scraps Dog Bakery    2034 Nevada City Hwy.

Grass Valley    Serendipity    206 A W. Main St.

Grass Valley    Sierra Center for Positive Living    119 Florence St.

Grass Valley    Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital & Women’s Imaging Center

Grass Valley    Sierra Mountain Coffee Roaster    11671 Maltman Dr.

Grass Valley    Simplicity Bistro  111 W. Main St.

Grass Valley    Sivananda Yoga Farm    14651 Ballantree Ln.

Grass Valley    Skin Studio    203 Mill St.

Grass Valley    Son’s Development  583 Idaho-Maryland Rd.

Grass Valley    SPD  stand with Lotus Guide     

Grass Valley    StillPoint Studio/Spring Hill PT  300 Sierra College Dr. # 155

Grass Valley    Summer Thyme's   421 Colfax Ave. & 134 S. Auburn

Grass Valley    The Center for the Arts   314 W. Main St.

Grass Valley    The Healing Garden    10128 Alta Sierra Dr.

Grass Valley    The Pilates Place    131 Richardson St.

Grass Valley    Tofanelli's    302 W. Main St.

Grass Valley    Unity in the Gold Country    180 Cambridge Ct.

Grass Valley    VJ’s Salon  250 Colfax Ave.

Grass Valley    Valentina’s    12041 Sutton Way

Grass Valley    Vela Massage Retreat  763 B. S. Auburn St.

Grass Valley    Walkers    791 Maltman Dr.

Grass Valley    WestWind    101 So. Church St.

Grass Valley    Williams  112 W. Main St.

Grass Valley    Yuba Docs    2090 Nevada City Hwy.

Grass Valley    Volz Bros. Auto   12048 Charles Dr.


Nevada City    Ananda Village    14618 Tyler Foote Crossing Rd.

Nevada City    Being Green    408 Broad St.

Nevada City    Broad St. Books    426 Broad St.

Nevada City    Broad St. Inn   517 W. Broad St.

Nevada City    Café Mecca    237 Commercial St.

Nevada City    California College of Ayurveda     700 Zion St.

Nevada City    Core Movement Center   578 Searls Ave.

Nevada City    Dokimos' Pharmacy    730 Zion St.

Nevada City    Express Mart/Chevron Station    305 Railroad Ave.

Nevada City    Feet First with Judi   202 N. Pine St.

Nevada City    fudenjuce    815 Zion St.

Nevada City    Full Life Yoga   204 Providence Mine Rd. #112

Nevada City    Gold Mountain & The Tea Shop    312 Broad St.

Nevada City    Harmony Books    231 Broad St.

Nevada City    Harmony Ridge Lodge    Hwy 20

Nevada City    Harmony Ridge Market    18848 State Hwy 20

Nevada City    Ikes Quarter Café    401 Commercial St.

Nevada City    Java John's    306 Broad St.

Nevada City    Judi's Clothing    417-B Broad St.

Nevada City    Keller Williams    Broad St.

Nevada City    KVMR    401 Spring St.

Nevada City    Miners Foundry    325 Spring St.

Nevada City    Mountain Stream Meditation Center   710 Zion St.

Nevada City    NC Chamber of Commerce    132 Main St.

Nevada City    Nevada City Inn    760 Zion St.

Nevada City    Nevada City Postal Co.    228 Commercial St.

Nevada City    Nevada City T-Shirt Shop    206 Main St.

Nevada City    Nevada City Video    108 Argall Way

Nevada City    Nevada County Library    980 Helling Way

Nevada City    Northern Queen Inn    400 Railroad Ave

Nevada City    PJ's of Nevada City    106 Argall Way

Nevada City    S.O.A.P.   104 Argall Way

Nevada City    So Pine Café  in Lotus Guide stand  110 So. Pine Street

Nevada City    Soul Support    419 A Broad St.

Nevada City    South Yuba Club    555 Searls Ave.

Nevada City    Suzanne’s Esthetique    207 Pine St.

Nevada City    SPD in Lotus Guide stand    735 Zion St.

Nevada City    The Expanding Light at Ananda    14618 Tyler Foote Rd.

Nevada City    The Magical Florist    821 Zion St.

Nevada City    Wild Mountain Yoga    574 Searles Ave.


Penn Valley    Caleb's Creamery

Penn Valley    Dragonfly Yoga Studio    17324 Penn Valley Dr. #D

Penn Valley    Junes Café    11332 Pleasant Valley Rd.

Penn Valley    Penn Valley Chamber     17562 Penn Valley Dr.

Penn Valley    Simply You Salon    17325 Penn Valley Dr.

Penn Valley    The Cotton Field    11246 Pleasant Valley Rd.


Auburn    Auburn Alchemy    882 Lincoln Way

Auburn    AHAA   883 Lincoln Way

Auburn    Four Rivers Naturopathic Clinic    Heritage Oak

Auburn    Healing Hands Wellness Center

Auburn    Healing Light Institute    3215 Fortune Court

Auburn    La Bou    2150 Grass Valley Hwy

Auburn    PachaMama's    882 Lincoln Way

Auburn    Pacific Fitness

Auburn    Pathways to Health    13122 Lincoln Way

Auburn    Radiance    Lincoln Way @ Russell

Auburn    Sunrise Natural Foods    2160 Grass Valley Hwy

Auburn    The Healing Place    351 Auburn Ravine, Ste. 207

Auburn    The Herb Shop    Auburn Ravine

Auburn    The Quiet Path    Lincoln Way


Colfax      Colfax Healing Arts Inc., 233 S. Auburn, Ste. 255

Colfax      Bear River Healing Center, 1505 Hillcrest Blvd.

Colfax      A Healing Place for Children, 54 Grass Valley St.

Colfax      Mix & Mingle Greek Bistro, 30 N. Main St.

Colfax      Cafe Luna (formerly Evangeline's Cafe), 5 Depot St.

Colfax      Colfax Library, 2 W. Church St., Colfax

Colfax      Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce, 99 Railroad St


Glen Ellen    Glen Ellen Market

Mill Valley    Whole Foods Market

Roseville    Whole Foods

San Anselmo    The Pine Street Clinic

Sonoma    Body & Soul

Sonoma    Pharmaca

Sonoma    Sonoma Market

Sonoma    The Sonoma Holistic Center

Truckee    New Moon Natural Foods    11357 Donner Pass Rd # C

Truckee    Wild Cherries Coffee     11429 Donner Pass Rd

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