What inspires you to spend a day with David Whyte? by Suzie Daggett

Posted by Insight Directory on 13 May 2010 in Art & Culture

David Whyte is an esteemed poet and best selling author whose uncanny use of prose and poetry absolutely ignites all your senses and cause CEO’s, mail carriers, teachers, doctors, stay at home moms, pastors to rejoice in life.  We have a rare opportunity to hear David live for a whole day on April 17 – lucky us!  (For current speaking and tours dates, visit www.davidwhyte.com). I asked some of his admirers why they are so enamored with his work.  They answered the following question: What inspires you to spend a day with David?

A day spent opening up hidden frontiers within myself, deepening my appreciation for the mysteries within me and engaging in the conversation of life is a day well lived.  That has been my experience with David and I never pass up an opportunity to see him again. It happens subtly on several levels and I thoroughly enjoy the encounters. He stimulates my zest for life and spurs me to live more fully in each and every moment. There is a magic that happens when he recites poetry that surfaces the essence of what it is to be alive.

Madalyn Wade, Nevada City

I heard David Whyte reading his poetry at the "State of the World Forum", San Francisco, in the late 90's. This forum brought together 1000 of the most prominent World Leaders, economists, ecologists, etc, with the hope to induce a shift in the World paradigm. David read his poetry each night at the dinner ceremony year after year; I was present and honored to hear him.  He brings grand insights through his writings, into our sometimes not so grand daily lives. David is a true inspiration.

Jeane Schwarzkopf, Colfax

For many years, David has been a multidimensional guide in my ceaseless pursuit of meaning, justice, awareness of the sacred and peace. His teachings at once deepen my courage and uplift my heart and spirit. With profound intensity and clarity David shines his Light of perception. Then, with humor, grace and humility he encourages us to reflect on his teachings as a bridge to enhanced self-awareness. If I had the resources, I would charter the Good Year Blimp to advertise the gifts David offers.

Terry Adams, Los Angeles

Being with David I have discovered the power of poetry and the spoken word to catalyze individual and collective transformation while igniting the deepest longings in the human heart leading to truth, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of “being” in the world. Over and over I have seen him use language to stimulate people to turn towards their highest good and discover their deepest commitment to live a courageous life. David has a profound relationship to stillness that can soothe the weary psyche and open us to discover profound beauty in this transitory and ephemeral existence.

Michael Stone, Grass Valley

Suzie Daggett, constantly curious about the mysteries of life, publishes the Insight Healthy Living Directory and produces the Insight Lecture Series. 530-265-9255, www.insightdirectory.com - originally published in the NC Advocate

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