Return of the Maya Goddesses By Leonide (Lennie) Martin and Trudy Woodcock

Posted by Insight Directory on 18 September 2008 in Ancient Wisdom

The Maya calendar ends in 2012, provoking many to ask what this means for our endangered planet’s future. Can the Maya guide us through a shift of ages that will bring expanded consciousness and greater global harmony, rather than destruction? According to Gregg Braden, 2012 is the gateway to a cosmic choice point when many factors converge “to make it easier for us to choose a new way of seeing ourselves in the universe and a new way of being.”(1) 

Ancient traditions predict that the world as we know it will change, with shifts in electromagnetic fields, climate and continental shapes. Shifts in polarities include changed relationships between masculine and feminine forces, evidenced by the widespread movement to re-awaken goddess spirituality. Just as the Maya calendar caught the public’s attention as a marker of global changes, the Maya goddesses are returning into our awareness as guides to navigating these changes.

The Maya calendar is unique in its precision and ability to track vast cycles. The current Great Cycle of 5,125 years and a much longer cycle, the 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes, are both ending in 2012. This is marked by a rare alignment of the Earth and our solar system with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. This center, the scientifically validated black hole, may be the creative source for everything in our galaxy. At winter solstice 2012, the sun will rise through the Dark Rift directly aligned to the center of the Milky Way (in Maya latitudes). In Maya symbolism, this means the union of the Solar Father Sun with the Galactic Mother’s birth canal, bringing forth a new era—the birth of new Sun/Son.

  This cosmic rebirth symbolism has spurred interest in Maya goddesses. The Maya have a profound goddess tradition. Ix’Cheel is the best-known Maya goddess in her form as Earth Mother-Great Goddess of the Moon, Herbs, Childbirth and Nature. She is called Mother Rainbow and rules over water, rain, seas and all liquids. Her body is the sacred temple of nature and she pours her energy onto earth to give life and make plants grow. She is the “Third Aspect of the Mother;” the first is IxKanLeox the Infinite Womb of the Universe-Milky Way, and the second is IxAzalUoh the Inner Divine Mother, weaver of our life and symbol of spirit within.(2)

In the Maya book of creation, the Popul Vuh, the Creator Gods seek help from the grandmother IxMukane in order to successfully create proper humans.(3) She is called Heart of the Earth, transformer of energies released on earth. This goddess of great antiquity handles the cosmic ages of the planet in accord with the cycles of time, and represents the powers of transformation and evolution. Through these qualities she is connected with the history of humans on Earth, our personal and planetary destiny. 

Carved inscriptions on stela (stone monuments) show that the Mayan calendar tracks immensely vast time cycles, going back billions of years. Scientists still puzzle over the origins of this advanced time measure, which required astronomical knowledge far beyond capacities of “Stone Age” peoples. Theories propose that the calendar came from cosmic sources (ET intelligences) or from highly developed earth civilizations that subsequently disappeared. Either theory causes us to re-think our understanding of earth history and evolution.

Most cultures carry memory traces of a Golden Age, when earth was a Paradise. The planet was in harmony, masculine and feminine forces were perfectly balanced, the climate gentle, food abundant and people lived close to nature; but this paradise was subsequently lost. Recent archeological research found evidence of global maritime civilizations spread widely across the world in prediluvial times.(4) They had advanced technologies, navigated oceans, built great cities, and followed goddess spiritual practices.

These high civilizations were destroyed in a well-documented global cataclysm around 9500 BC, found in myths about “The Flood.” Survivors of the cataclysm preserved some knowledge and technology, traces of which are found in the Shanidar cave, base layers of Jericho, the Gerzean/Nagada cultures on the Nile, early Minoans on Crete and Catal Huyuk in Turkey. Archeological dates for these sites are 8000-6000 BC. They were sources for cultures that “suddenly appeared” around 3000 BC in Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus valley.(5, 6)

Ancestors of the Maya during the Golden Age knew the catastrophe was coming. Astonishing evidence of astronomical knowledge including use of telescopes was found on engraved stones from Ica, a culture from the Nasca Plain of Peru that may be over 15,000 years old.(7) An explosion of supernova Vela around 11,000 years ago sent fragments through our solar system, causing the global cataclysm. Ancient astronomers gave forewarning and master teachers went to habitable areas including Egypt, Tibet and the Americas. A Master called Itzamna brought this culture to the Yucatan and Mayalands. Contemporary Maya elders say their people originated in Atlantiha (Atlantis) and their first cities were founded by the god Itzamna, linked to the feminine deity Ix’Cheel.    

Gradually the knowledge and technology of the high civilizations deteriorated, along with goddess spirituality, and the world became unbalanced as masculine gods and ambitions led to warfare, female suppression, devaluation of life, and loss of ecological harmony. Patriarchal societies dominated the world for 4000 years, causing untold human suffering and damaging the planet’s ecological balance to the point of serious climate change, pollution, disrupted eco-systems and extinction of species.

Now the planet hovers on the brink of human-caused disaster, from nuclear war to global warming. This time was predicted by many indigenous cultures, from Maya to Hopi to Inca. We are surely at a turning point in the evolution of the planet. The feminine force must bring the world into balance. Indigenous wisdom has knowledge for attaining this balance and living in harmony with nature. Women and men seek the “return of the goddess” into contemporary societies. Now is the time to activate the sacred feminine in the Mayalands, for the cycle is closing. The Maya goddesses are calling—will you listen, will you come?


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Leonide (Lennie) Martin and Trudy Woodcock live in Merida, Mexico and offer programs on Maya wisdom teachings, goddesses and calendars. Lennie is author of Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun: A Novel of Maya Wisdom and the 2012 Shift in Consciousness, Infinity Publishing, 2006. Trudy runs Iluminado Tours, providing spiritually-oriented experiences of Maya sites. Their Ix’Cheel Maya Goddess Program on Feb. 15-23, 2008 focuses on the Maya sacred feminine force at sites in Yucatan and Cozumel, with ceremonies and teachings by Maya elders.           


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